Bandcamp day: 5 purchases to support artists

On the first Friday of the month throughout June and July, Bandcamp are waiving their fees to ensure more money goes to the artists themselves. Over $4.3 million was spent via the site during the last fee-free event so we’re hoping this one is even bigger. Below is 5 key purchases to diversify your music selection and support some fantastic artists during this time.

Black Midi: Live in the USA

Always an eccentric set, Black Midi combine live footage across their recent american tour including a cover of Tequila.

Love Claire, Love Claire

90s slowcore band Love Claire, were from Portland, Oregon. This release was the band’s demo tape. The label is offering a pay-what-you-feel for this download.

Lynks Afrikka – Pandemic!

Bristol based, Lynks Afrikka returns with a series of Covid-19 related tracks, Pandemic! is a lively and timely addition.

Juvenile Juvenile – Don’t Tell Your Friends

Asian Shoegaze band Juvenile Juvenile formed in 2011, after a the release of their album in 2014. This is an EP released in July 2012.

Yufi, Yufi

Mathrock (ish) DIY Band Yufi, Yufi released their latest EP in March. Final track remixed by 100 gecs.

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