Danny Nedelko, Heavy Lungs.

Bristol punk band Heavy Lungs have certainly learned how to craft a grassroots revenue. Following successive nationwide tours, Danny Nedelko, the bands lead singer, offers his views on the circuit and its importance to him.

When playing certain venues, are you conscious of bands that have graced its stage before? And does this affect how it feels to play at such venue?

Of course, as it always interesting to find out the history behind the place and an honour to become part of it. It inspires to better and provide a performance worthy of the walls that housing it.

If you were to choose one venue, that you played at have visited to be protected. What would that venue be? What are your memories of ‘x’ venue?  And what is the most important aspect of the venue that you would protect?

I believe The Lousiana in Bristol, alongside few other have been protected in recent past.  But hey, its such a fantastic spot so maybe protecting twice woudn’t hurt. On our first headline tour we finished at the Louis and it was truly a beautiful and emotional night that I will forever cherish. Giovani.

What are the attributes of these buildings that are significant? i.e graffiti on dressing room walls.

Their imperfections, their tiny idiosyncrasies and the community they birth.

Music scenes: Do you feel that scenes are important for towns and cities to embrace and to remember? and how do you feel the legacy of starting out in a different city would have influenced your sound?

Yes absolutely. They are document of a specific time and atmosphere within the creative culture of the city.  We probably would have ended up being a Doobie Brothers cover band.

How do you feel a venue supports your fans connect to one another during your shows?

It grants people space to experience music they love, live, and make new friends. These are some of life’s greatest pleasures if you ask me.

Do you feel venues form communities and what venue symbolises this?

Answered this by accident in one of the previous answers aha

What do you feel are the benefits and downsides of listing and protecting a music venue?

It’s important as it celebrates the venues impact on the city and secures an opportunity for future history to be made. Just make sure you pick the right venue. Just kidding. 

Danny Nedelko

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